Life Update | Our Wedding + Staying Sane Through COVID-19


Last Monday, my partner and I flew to Queenstown, excited to finally get married in our dream mountaintop wedding. The COVID-19 alert level was at level 2, and I posted a Instagram photo of Diony, two seats away from me, with the caption: “There’s at least one seat between each passenger. Good on ya @airnz!”

The moment we landed and our phones could be switched on, we saw the news that COVID-19 alert level 3 + the imminent level 4 lockdown had been announced. Our wedding was cancelled as the company could no longer operate, and everything in Queenstown was closed. 

The next two days flew by quickly, in a blur of anxious phone calls and messages as we tried to get a flight home before lockdown. Luckily, on Tuesday, it was announced that the deadline to get home via domestic flights was extended to Friday. Yas!

With that, we breathed a sigh of relief and made the most of our next three days in a Queenstown hotel. With stunning views of Lake Wakatipu from our two balconies, we spent this time eating nothing but room service food (we ate twice at the hotel restaurant before it closed), watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and playing board game Fog of Love, while Diony played games and I read books I’d luckily brought with me. We also went for a walk along the lake on our one trip to the local supermarket. Did I mention it was absolutely freezing in Queenstown? I’m so relieved to be back in Auckland!

Our wedding wasn’t the only thing that was cancelled / postponed. Our honeymoon to Japan has also had to be put on hold, and with that, our NZ mini moon at a beautiful sanctuary we booked to replace Japan when overseas travel was banned. Am I devastated? Yes and no. Becoming Mr & Mrs would’ve been wonderful after planning for over a year, but looking at the bigger picture, it’s more than okay to wait. Plus, we now have $12,000 in Topdeck Travel credit and $3000 in STA Travel credit to use when the crisis subsides!

It is SO good to be home. I decided to keep my leave for another week to sort things out and settle into life for the next 4 weeks, and it’s already paying off. Here’s how I’ve spent my time at home so far, and what I’ll be doing for the rest of April ❤ 

My Solo Self-Care Weekend in Wellington

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Sometimes, you just need a solo self-care weekend in your favourite city. For me, that will always be Wellington, New Zealand – the city of vibrant culture, friendly people, and delicious food. I timed my weekend away with the opening of the Wonderland exhibition at Te Papa Museum, and tried to fit in as much of my favourite pastime as possible: reading and brunch!

A little insight as to why I took this trip: when I booked it, I wasn’t in a great mental space. I was stressed and overwhelmed, and whenever this happens, I think it’s important to take some time out for yourself and work out what isn’t working; what isn’t aligned in your life. A lot of the time, remembering who you are; coming home to yourself is key.

When people ask you, ‘Who are you?’ or ‘Describe yourself’, you’d typically list things related to your job title, where you live, and your roles in life, whatever those may be. For example, I am a fiancée, an employee, a friend, a colleague, a daughter, a sister. For others, it may also be: mother, father, teacher. When you spend your time and energy in a way that eventually drains them all on fulfilling your roles in relation to others, but not on fulfilling your own goals, dreams and aspirations, you lose sight of what you want. You’re not living your life; you’re living a life chosen for you by others. You’re living from obligation and expectation rather than authenticity and alignment. 

This weekend away was meant to be my way of ‘troubleshooting’ what felt wrong. At home in Auckland, I rarely have any real alone time. It’s rare at work as it is at home, living with two others (my fiancé and his best friend) – more often than not, I can hear noises from video games, my cat whining (though it is cute!), or simply traffic from the busy road we live off.

Just as quiet and solitary time is essential for meditation, it’s essential for going within. It’s simply good for the soul.  

Fortunately, it was early November when this was booked; by the time I went to take this trip away, I was in a much better, lighter mental space so got to dedicate this trip more to enjoying being back in my favourite city than self-reflection (which I still did – see end of this blog). I hope that no matter where you are in life, you always feel like you’re in control of your destiny; that you’re living a life you’ve consciously chosen for yourself. 

Here’s what I got up to when I flew back to my second home for a short & sweet getaway… ❤ 

What We Have in Common

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Prose (5)Prose (3)

I wonder what we have in common. No, not how many siblings we have, or where we went to school; I mean the way we see this exciting, mysterious and ever-changing experience we call life. If we are both fascinated by the idea that our souls reincarnate from one life into the next. If we both want to believe that we are all made of the same timeless energy. If reading fills our soul because it feels like we have access to every recorded bit of knowledge or spark of inspiration of every human being that’s ever lived, across time and space. If stargazing and staring in awe of the full moon makes you feel the same profound sense of amazement, and the vastness of the night sky makes your problems seem small.

If the same indie song makes you feel like someone, somewhere out there understands the real you, and not who you pretend to be. If the very same romantic sci fi movie took your breath away and left you haunted for days. If we have both felt the heartbreaking pain and emptiness of losing a loved one. If we are both homesick for a city we hold dear to our heart, whether or not it was ever truly our home.

If we have felt the same gut-wrenching loneliness yet pure joy and euphoria the first time we travelled solo. If reading about the great Greek gods and goddesses inspires and moves you. If being referred to as ‘mortals’ feels strangely beautiful because it reminds you that there is a higher power in the universe, and that our lives are short and precious.

If reading and writing poetry & prose, fantasy & fiction, recharges you, and singing in unison with a thousand strangers at a concert makes you feel connected to humanity. If exploring this world and learning about our place in the universe makes us feel most alive.

My head asks my heart why I’m drawn to you; how do I know you?

I don’t. But my heart knows that you and I are one and the same.


Food | Saint Alice

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Elevated over the Viaduct and looking out on the water, Saint Alice is the perfect spot for picturesque sea views and soaking in the sun. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to experience their stunning menus as well as their fun, vibrant, cosy atmosphere  – and loved it so much that I returned for more.

My Favourite Poetry Books | Love, Life, Loss, Inspiration

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Poetry has a way of articulating what we feel in our hearts but don’t always know how to express. They make art out of our life experiences, and find beauty in the mundane. Poetry romanticises little miracles we experience on any given day – whether it’s related to love, loss, heartbreak, purpose, or finding yourself. 

I am currently in the process of grieving and processing my emotions after what has been a very tough week. For days, I was in denial and shock as I did what I could to avoid the pain and heaviness in my heart. Today, feeling in much need of self-care and inspiration, I took myself out on a brunch date at a local cafe – taking with me my entire poetry collection (so far). And I’m excited to share with you my favourite poetry books that have stirred my soul and won my heart. 

I truly believe that poetry, among other forms of art, make life worth living. Coming from someone who is passionate about personal finance and has worked in insurance, banking and tax, I feel life would be boring and meaningless without frequent reminders of what we love and live for. Why we get up in the morning; what we work so hard for. What are we really chasing? 

I don’t think it is an uncommon thing to wonder. I recently had a meeting with the Books manager at my workplace. When I confessed my love for self-help, spiritual, personal finance, and poetry books, she told me a fun fact: poetry book sales soar during university semester breaks and during the New Year. Could it be fair to say that poetry helps us and inspires us to look within, find magic in every day, dream bigger dreams, and become better versions of ourselves, at times we feel most compelled?

Here are some books which, for me, have done exactly that. 

Food | Hello Beasty

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The Law of Attraction is real, y’all! One afternoon I decided to search for a restaurant to go to following a movie screening of The Lion King, and, finding nothing that excited my soul, I asked the universe, “Why can’t there be a classy restaurant with pink and cats?” (two of the things I love most!)

In the next five minutes, I stumbled upon Hello Beasty – an Asian fusion fine dining restaurant on the Auckland Viaduct Harbour featuring – you guessed it – a pink cat! Moreover, I love Asian fusion cuisine and fusion cuisine in general. The more exotic and creative, the better. One of my favourite menus is from Fukuko’s, by Britomart, serving Japanese & Mexican tacos.

Hello Beasty is absolutely gorgeous. With fresh, vibrant colours adorning the walls, polished black & earthy natural wooden tables and pink neon lights, the decor is modern and eclectic. We were warmly welcomed and seated in the spacious front seating area, bathed in sunlight. My partner started with a Flat White Coffee Milk Stout while I tried their mocktail, Harajuku Slip – a tangy, refreshing blend of lemongrass, cranberry, lemon & blue tea. 

A Weekend in Matakana

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Hi friends,

I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! It’s been a long month, so I was truly looking forward to this one – a four day weekend thanks to annual leave. My fiancé and I were travelling up to Matakana to attend a friend’s wedding, and thought, why not stay longer?

We attended the wedding on Thursday, a beautiful wedding ceremony at The Stables that continued into a wild and wonderful wedding reception on a night full of delicious food, lots of bubbly, music and dancing. A perfect night of celebrating the bride & groom’s love. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cornwall! ❤

Here’s what we got up to on our mini weekend getaway, post-wedding..

Food | Mondays Wholefoods

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Mondays (9)

Mondays (11)

Today I took my fiancé to one of my favourite healthy cafes, Mondays Wholefoods in Kingsland. Featuring a covered courtyard overflowing with natural greenery, the cafe is warm and welcoming; the perfect spot for a relaxed lunch. We enjoyed their Mondays Benedict with organic pullet eggs, whole potato rosti, wilted greens, vegan hollandaise & parsley pistou, adding bacon & mushrooms, and their Ambrosia Waffles – buckwheat waffles with coconut ambrosia, berries, vegan meringue & toasted coconut. These were complemented by coconut milk hot chocolate & emerald (matcha) latte. Our lunch was wonderful in every way – friendly service, calm atmosphere, and of course, delicious food. Our highlight was the soft, creamy sweetness and subtle berry flavour of the ambrosia, and the earthy, wholesome flavour of the buckwheat waffles.  

A lover of natural, rustic chic spaces, I found inspiration in their natural autumn colours, bohemian style cushions, teapots & essential oils on their shelves, some luminous citrine (my favourite healing crystal), and even some floral styling wedding inspiration. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a moment of calm, good food and nature, Mondays is the perfect place for a cosy meal.