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Last Sunday was the most gloriously sunny, perfect day, one I spent eating delicious food, discovering a gorgeous new beach, and watching a movie with my love. Our day started mid-morning at Major Tom, a hot new cafe in Albany. By the same minds behind Hello Friends & Allies and Winona Forever, it featured their signature fun and vibrant style. I especially loved the artsy wall murals!

I ordered my favourite everywhere I go – matcha latte. It was softly sweet, creamy, and so heartwarming. To follow, I indulged in the Dulce de Leche French Toast, adding halloumi & avocado to balance out the sweetness. With blood orange, bruleed peaches, blueberries, raspberries, meringue, and caramel-y panna cotta, it was simply incredible.

The rest of our day was spent blissfully walking my partner’s sister’s dogs at Kauri Point Domain, a relaxing and peaceful nature walk that leads to a stunning enclosed beach! We climbed rocks and admired the view from above – the cliffs, the trees, the sand and the ocean looked surreal, like one of those classic New Zealand paintings. We ended Sunday with a date night at the cinemas watching Ready Player One – a phenomenal film I’d highly recommend!

Now it’s time for a weekend full of live music, wholesome food and inspiring workshops at the NZ Spirit Festival! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead x


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