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NZ Spirit Festival 2018 (392)

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Hello friends,

Today I’m excited to share with you my experience at the NZ Spirit Festival. What an incredible weekend! The festival was full of inspiring workshops and knowledge sharing, cultural dance classes, absolutely delicious food, soulful music & healing sound journeys, and much more.

Where was this amazing festival held? The beautiful sanctuary of Kawai Purapura. Being in Albany, it is so close to home for me, yet tucked away and isolated from the busy city and outside noise. I chose to stay in accommodation at the venue to make the most out of my festival experience – a room right in front of the big green lawn. My room was very affordable, so understandably, practical and small – but I had everything I needed, including a lamp that filled my room with warm, ambient light (perfect for meditation and calming my mind before bed), a heater, plenty of storage space & power points and WiFi. Toilets and showers were right upstairs – props for convenience!

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Let’s get into the festival, shall we? We kicked off with an opening ceremony, and after the hongi, I headed to my first workshop at 7pm: Tapping into Money by Teddi Emerald. I quickly learnt that the ‘tapping’ was literal, as we used Emotional Freedom Technique to tap on meridians in our body. Activating these Chinese acupressure points while repeating powerful, positive affirmations, we released old energy and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. What an interesting practice. Speaking to a friend about the experience after, I told him I knew chakras as energy centres but not meridians; he told me meridians are basically next level chakras!

I’ve always heard plenty about the Law of Attraction and what it means to be of high vibrational frequency – because everything is energy, vibrational frequency is in everything around you, from the food you put into your body to the state of mind you are in. Recently I’ve been delving deeper into attracting what you want more of, by believing that it is already yours. That’s why I always notice a huge difference and positive shift in my life when I consistently write in my gratitude journal – by celebrating the great things that are happening in your life, you attract even more.

At Tapping into Money, we brought balance to the energy in our body, and also tapped into a frequency and mindset of abundance. Unblocking negative beliefs holding us back was something I had already done prior, thanks to Lavendaire’s video How to Attract More Money into Your Life in 2018. So for me, the new, fascinating part was meridian tapping.

Some thoughts:

Money is not evil, nor does it corrupt – personally, I’ve come to believe that money simply brings out more of who you are, and brings your values to light. For example, let’s say you just won the lotto. What would you do?

(Mine is an elaborate plan to solve Auckland’s housing crisis, alleviating poverty – BIG idea, I know – but it’s, er, very ambitious. I’ll leave that for next time.)

Interestingly, I think your answer reveals a lot about your subconscious beliefs and values. Some come from a place of abundance, others from scarcity. Some come from a place of optimism and others from pessimism. Some are planners, while others are dreamers.

I’ve definitely seen money bring out the worst in people & corporations. In fact, I chose to turn my anger & disappointment into passion when I took my work experience in insurance & banking and decided to move forward with studies in financial advice on the side.

So, while I have seen the negative side of money, it is my conscious decision to believe that money allows me financial freedom to do good – like how I can afford to work part time and give back through volunteering every week – and to invest in my knowledge & learning, like this festival!

Ever since I chose to leave a very toxic job, I haven’t struggled with anything as much as feeling like a failure. As much as my former colleagues gave me a hard time about my differences, in a workplace that had clearly had long-standing behaviourial problems, it was me who gave myself the hardest time. One of the affirmations that resonated with me, while unleashing the energy blocks in our meridians, was “…And even though I sometimes feel like a failure, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.”

The most incredible thing happened that night: I did, in fact, attract more money!

Friday 27th April
1. $180. I’d sold my Halsey concert tickets through Ticketmaster Resale, and my email said “You will receive payment in your account between 7-10 business days after the event.” Halsey was Thursday 19th April, so the earliest I was to receive my money back was Monday 30th April, the 7th business day after the concert. Still, on Friday, the 27th, the 6th business day, I received remittance advice that the money would appear in my account within 24 hours. Being from a business account, allowing up to 24 hours meant I still only expected the funds on Monday. Somehow, they arrived early. That night at 7:32pm, to be precise. Yay!

Festival Ticket
2. $50. I sold an extra festival ticket! I had felt a little disappointed all day, seeing as I’d promoted it on Facebook since about 12pm, which a friend also shared. I was just going to let it go; the fact that the ticket had cost $60 and I wasn’t going to make even $50 back. But miraculously, at 8:15pm I sold it – to a lovely buyer, too! She even banked with the same bank as my partner, so I had it sent to him – instantly. A fast, simple and friendly interaction!

Mary Inquiry

Charly Inquiry
3. $500-600 in May. I received two photography inquiries – and they were my first since I renewed my online ad three weeks ago! Technically, one arrived earlier that day and the other at night – but how weird is it that they both arrived on this particular day? I received two birthday party requests, both happening in May, and quoted them depending on the event plus of course, my personal photography service. I’m so grateful that they both came back to me today with a yes!

All of this could have been coincidences; if so – what synchronous coincidences!

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I simply have to mention the food at this festival. Oh the food! It was all so deliciously nourishing and wholesome. My favourite was lunch from Saturday: rainbow vegan pizza, made with roast vegetables and cashew cheese. I’m not sure what the base was, but to me it tasted like incredibly tasty falafel. I absolutely loved it. (I’m not vegan, but the food here could’ve persuaded me to be.)

It was served with fresh, colourful salads, and the kale with sesame was my favourite. That night at dinner, the main was Thai Red Curry, also served with salads. It was wonderful to see the festival and venue promote being mindful about what we put into our body, while creating the most amazing food!

NZ Spirit Festival 2018 (200)

This lavender & blackcurrant kombucha from Organic Mechanic was great, too – I loved their decorated cups and the idea of a $2 cup deposit, promoting sustainability. It was a pleasant refresher on a sunny day, while waiting for the cacao ceremony.

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NZ Spirit Festival 2018 (115)

African Dance with Live Drumming was so much fun! It was upbeat, energetic, and brought about a lot of smiles. I danced for a while before deciding, amidst my terrible coordination and fitness, to watch. It was absolutely wonderful, and something I’ll definitely be looking into learning. Kristine was such a brilliant teacher.

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I just loved this crystal stall at the market place. I went to it on the second day, but didn’t buy anything as much as I wanted to because my partner was with me, ha! So I returned on the third day between African dance and the cacao ceremony. I left with six beautiful, natural pieces of the earth’s DNA, in the form of clear quartz, amethyst clusters, and citrine – a crystal that I have always loved due to the golden glow, warmth and radiance. For me, it has such a bright, positive, joyful energy.

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Samba Passion Brazil was amazing. The dancers definitely entertained the crowd with their bright costumes and bright smiles – a fun glimpse into Brazilian culture!

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On Sunday, I experienced my second cacao ceremony amidst cheerful singing, dancing and celebration! I’d had my first at Golden Yogi, a life-changing experience full of insight and wisdom. Cacao is magical, especially combined with sound healing and deep meditation.

I was overjoyed to experience the heart-opening power of cacao once again. It creates a state of mind with increased mental clarity, heightened emotions, and a deep sense of peace and calm. So grateful to have discovered this raw superfood!

Other highlights of my weekend:

Workshops on mental health, resetting & loving your body, herbal infusions, brain waves, wealth & love clearing, and the four foundations of mindfulness

Inside The Mind, my Saturday night workshop – the guy coded a program that read theta & delta brain waves and reproduced them as colours & pictures on the screen. This was accompanied by a glowing poi dance to soft music, then rock. So intriguing!

Seeing my friend Tian’s stand-up comedy – he is known as The Main Man Tian Tan and did a conscious, empowering and hilarious show

Finally trying kava from The Kava Society stall

The Korero Zone – the smallest workshop room facilitated the most genuine, intimate group discussions!

Connecting with like-minded individuals and passionate, curious, open-minded souls. Since the festival is all about embracing who you are, and connecting to your authenticity and true self, it felt like there was a complete lack of judgment – you could look, dress or dance however you wanted; it is a safe space to just be yourself!

What I wish had been different:

The rainy weather on Saturday! The grass quickly turned into a field of mud. Never mind my shoes and feet getting dirty, it took longer to walk through all the mud without getting stuck in it.

The schedule – the workshops were all so intriguing that it was a shame for so many of them to be at the same time. For example, Connecting to Joy, Connecting to Your Inner Child, Flow State Yoga and Mental Health were all at the same time, and I truly wanted to go to all of them! Events also had their times and locations changed, but without any form of updates – emails, text messages, Facebook posts to the event, or even posted signs around the venue would have helped everyone figure out what was now happening at which time and location.

I’ll say it again: what an incredible weekend! I look forward to the next NZ Spirit Festival, where I know there’ll be even more inspiration, knowledge, nourishment and connection to come!

Let me leave you with one of my favourite songs, Gajumaru.. ❤

Have a beautiful day,


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