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The Law of Attraction is real, y’all! One afternoon I decided to search for a restaurant to go to following a movie screening of The Lion King, and, finding nothing that excited my soul, I asked the universe, “Why can’t there be a classy restaurant with pink and cats?” (two of the things I love most!)

In the next five minutes, I stumbled upon Hello Beasty – an Asian fusion fine dining restaurant on the Auckland Viaduct Harbour featuring – you guessed it – a pink cat! Moreover, I love Asian fusion cuisine and fusion cuisine in general. The more exotic and creative, the better. One of my favourite menus is from Fukuko’s, by Britomart, serving Japanese & Mexican tacos.

Hello Beasty is absolutely gorgeous. With fresh, vibrant colours adorning the walls, polished black & earthy natural wooden tables and pink neon lights, the decor is modern and eclectic. We were warmly welcomed and seated in the spacious front seating area, bathed in sunlight. My partner started with a Flat White Coffee Milk Stout while I tried their mocktail, Harajuku Slip – a tangy, refreshing blend of lemongrass, cranberry, lemon & blue tea. 

Inspired by Chinese, Japanese & Korean cuisine, the menu is full of variety. We decided to try a bit of everything, ordering the Beasty sashimi selection, charred eggplant, karaage chicken, charred broccolini, KFC Korean fried cauliflower, and milk chocolate parfait.

Our highlight was definitely the KFC Korean fried cauliflower, served with spicy gochujang glaze and roasted sesame seeds. This was delicious and flavoursome, without being too spicy, and was a delightful crunchy yet soft texture. I also absolutely loved the Beasty sashimi selection, consisting of salmon with green koji sauce, tuna with wasabi, and longline snapper with Beasty XO sauce. These were not only juicy and tender, but perfectly paired with and complemented by their condiments.

The milk chocolate parfait, served with sesame & crushed peanut crisp, mandarin and yogurt sorbet was also a highlight. Rich and creamy in texture, it had the perfect milk chocolate flavour that was sweet but subtle. An indulgent, decadent dessert, perfect for treating yourself!

Overall, Hello Beasty was phenomenal. From the incredible food to the cosy atmosphere and friendly customer service, we enjoyed our dining experience and will be sure to return.



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