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Elevated over the Viaduct and looking out on the water, Saint Alice is the perfect spot for picturesque sea views and soaking in the sun. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to experience their stunning menus as well as their fun, vibrant, cosy atmosphere  – and loved it so much that I returned for more.

Saint Alice’s cocktails are a highlight – quirky and unique, their names are inspired by Alice in Wonderland and all the wonderful characters in the tale. My favourite is the Cheshire Cat – a delightful combination of spiced rum, chocolate, pear liqueur, walnut liqueur and orange juice. 

The oysters are also a must-try. With a wide variety of oysters, ranging from Orongo Bay, to Tua Tua, to Mahurangi, they are all deliciously fresh and juicy! I’d personally recommend the Tua Tua with its subtly sweet, subtly sour flavour.

On my first visit, my friends and I also tasted the beetroot, kale & orange salad with shaved chocolate & sour cream, woodfired lamp rump, and Southern style fried chicken. However, it was the woodfired coffee & miso smoked eggplant that truly left a lasting impression. Tender and flavoursome, served with smokey eggplant puree & sesame lavosh, it was my favourite main & savoury dish. All the better that it is one of the large plates, made for sharing!

I re-ordered the eggplant on my second visit, and we paired it with the Rolled Porchetta – crispy pork belly served with caramelised brussel sprouts, apple & fennel slaw, and roasted chicken gravy. Delicious and hearty, but a little on the heavy side, I enjoyed this with their sweet, refreshing mocktail of pineapple, agave & cucumber.

Overall, I love Saint Alice’s creative and unique take on locally inspired cuisine. Each dish is thoughtfully curated; served with heart and soul. A highly recommended eatery if you are looking for great food served alongside stunning sea views!





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