What We Have in Common

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I wonder what we have in common. No, not how many siblings we have, or where we went to school; I mean the way we see this exciting, mysterious and ever-changing experience we call life. If we are both fascinated by the idea that our souls reincarnate from one life into the next. If we both want to believe that we are all made of the same timeless energy. If reading fills our soul because it feels like we have access to every recorded bit of knowledge or spark of inspiration of every human being that’s ever lived, across time and space. If stargazing and staring in awe of the full moon makes you feel the same profound sense of amazement, and the vastness of the night sky makes your problems seem small.

If the same indie song makes you feel like someone, somewhere out there understands the real you, and not who you pretend to be. If the very same romantic sci fi movie took your breath away and left you haunted for days. If we have both felt the heartbreaking pain and emptiness of losing a loved one. If we are both homesick for a city we hold dear to our heart, whether or not it was ever truly our home.

If we have felt the same gut-wrenching loneliness yet pure joy and euphoria the first time we travelled solo. If reading about the great Greek gods and goddesses inspires and moves you. If being referred to as ‘mortals’ feels strangely beautiful because it reminds you that there is a higher power in the universe, and that our lives are short and precious.

If reading and writing poetry & prose, fantasy & fiction, recharges you, and singing in unison with a thousand strangers at a concert makes you feel connected to humanity. If exploring this world and learning about our place in the universe makes us feel most alive.

My head asks my heart why I’m drawn to you; how do I know you?

I don’t. But my heart knows that you and I are one and the same.


Being Happy & Grateful in the Here and Now

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Last week, I learned something profound: how to be immensely happy & grateful; right here, right now. For someone who is prone to beating themself up for past mistakes or worrying about the future, this was life changing.

My NZ Spirit Festival Experience | Manifesting Money, African Dance, Delicious Food, Crystals & Cacao

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NZ Spirit Festival 2018 (392)

NZ Spirit Festival 2018 (206)

NZ Spirit Festival 2018 (29)

Hello friends,

Today I’m excited to share with you my experience at the NZ Spirit Festival. What an incredible weekend! The festival was full of inspiring workshops and knowledge sharing, cultural dance classes, absolutely delicious food, soulful music & healing sound journeys, and much more.